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Super bonder will add elasticity to any adhesive on lashes, which helps maximize retention. The bonder can be used with all adhesives and will help speed up the drying time.

  • 15ml 
  • instantly dries lash adhesive
  • seals lash adhesive without shock curing
  • locks fumes from lash adhesive
  • reduces sensitivity and irritation 

Directions for use:  After lash extension service is complete, wait two minutes for lashes to air dry. Use micro swab applicator and dip slightest bit of liquid on it. Make sure the micro swab is not drench in liquid. Wipe off any excess liquid before applying micro swab to the bonding point of natural lash and lash extension.  Do not let the liquid get into eyes or touch the clients skin. Allow the superboner to work its magic and after three minutes lashes are safe to get wet!

Do not store in direct sunlight