About Us

  • About the Artist
Mira was fascinated with beauty at a young age. The beauty industry was something she kept her eye on, something she knew she wanted to be a part of.
She followed her passion and attended make-up + esthetic school. She’s now been in the eyelash industry for over 5+ years servicing Downtown Vancouver, 4x certified by renowned lash masters and still, she is always continuously learning. The sparkle in her clients eyes after they look in the mirror keeps her going! 


  • About FalsiesByMB
Created out of a genuine love and appreciation for beauty, and with a special focus on eyelashes, FalsiesByMB is committed to giving people the lashes they’ve always dreamed of. We truly understand how hard it is to come by quality material to create the perfect set of lashes. We ethically sourced our products to provide our clients with premium products. We have but one simple dream;
to make sure that everyone that uses our products falls in love with them. Making that dream a reality takes a lot of dedication, patience, and hard work, all of which we promise to deliver with a smile on our face.

Falsiesbymb team